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The one thing we are very proud of is knowing that we give you what the bees have made. Honey is affected by many factors we have no control of including seasons, geographical location, forage and climate change. All those factors will determine the colour, taste and viscosity (thickness) of our honey. With that said, no 2 batches of pure honey will ever taste, look and feel the same. We fully rely on nature to make our honey and we share the product with you as we receive it from the bees. We therefore encourage our clients to understand this in order to understand why every batch is different. And the kind of client that appreciates nature is the kind of client that will appreciate every batch of our honey in all its facets of uniqueness.

We have not increased prices by over a year as we avoid doing it if we can, but with COVID-19, we were affected from all sides and the increase became unavoidable;

1. Working @ limited capacity due to lockdown means we take more time and resources to make less honey

2. All our input costs increased during lockdown; packaging material, printing, salaries with less sales etc.

3. Rural farmers augmenting our stock were affected by the same factors and increased their prices by almost 30%

4. Lastly; we are opening a store and have new expenses to consider that we didn’t have to consider before like rent and associated costs.

5. If we are to stay afloat, then this is completely unavoidable. We have however provides free shipping for all orders of R500 and above, and also provided the option to collect from the store as of 1 July 2020 when we open.

  • Aziz Abrahams says:

    Hi there.. what are your prices for reselling.

  • Leanne Rimer says:

    Well done – an awesome South African business and a beautiful lesson for all young South Africans.

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    Native Nosi currently manages about 200-300 beehives per annum, the honey made from these beehives is not enough to consistently meet the demands of a retail / chain store. We therefore use this as an opportunity to celebrate our special honey product in it’s limitedness, we partner with small health, specialty and fresh food shops who’s clients are looking for the kind of product Native Nosi produces.

    Pure living, Brooklyn Pretoria

    Pure Café, Colbyn Pretoria

    Koffietijd, Olympus Pretoria

    Mo’s Coffee Shop, Mamelodi Pretoria

    Mckenzie’s Butchery, Tarlton Krugersdorp

    You can buy from our shop in Menlo Park Pretoria;

    Native Nosi Honey Emporium

    Shop 10

    Greenlyn Village

    13th Street

    Menlo Park



    Alternatively, Our honey can be bought from our online store using the link www.nativenosi.co.za/shop/ . We deliver nationwide.

    We have various products, both for household use and bulk. For all our products, prices and placing orders, please click here. For bulk and resale pricelists, please send email to info@nativenosi.co.za

    All our honey is pure, raw and 100%. We give you what the bees made.

    Native Nosi intends to offer basic beekeeping training once the COVID-19 risk is reduced and workshops can resume in a controlled environment .

    No. Native Nosi only sources pure indigenous African Honey.

    Native Nosi does not have a farm or plant. We place our beehives on other people’s farms and we manage the beehives from there. We package and distribute from our shop in Menlo Park, Pretoria.

    We currently reuse all our wax for our foundation sheets and skin products, we are therefore not selling our wax at the moment.

    Native Nosi loves sourcing rural honey. Honey made by rural beekeepers is usually premium quality which is untampered and void of chemicals and pesticides. We therefore welcome beekeepers who have no access to markets to contact us. We love to augment our supply with honey from rural farmers.

    Not yet. Our strength is selling honey, we are still learning a lot of the beekeeping ourselves and are trying to find our way in the industry. Once we have the capacity and feel better positioned to confidently share expert beekeeping advise, we will consider mentorships. For now, start in your corner with what you have and grow slow and steady like we did. We will however continue to share all the knowledge and tips we have learnt on our social media profiles and encourage to follow and learn with us.

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