African Black Soap


The most well-known fact about African Black Soap is that it’s anti-bacterial. This makes it a great alternative to cleansers pumped with chemicals. Though strong, African Black Soap is gentle enough to use daily on your face and body.

African Black Soap is safe for all skin types. It is naturally fragrance free and will help balance your skin’s sebum production. What you may not know is that shea butter is an ingredient of this soap, making it non-drying to the skin. African Black Soap is also rougher than store-bought soap and so it’s also a natural exfoliant.

How to use African Black Soap:

For face and body – Lather your cloth/sponge with the soap and water, it foams quite well. Cleanse yourself and rinse off.

For hair – Replace your shampoo with the soap for clean hair that has not been stripped of moisture.



Palm kernel oil Coconut oil

Unrefined Shea Butter Cocoa pod ash




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