Why did Native Nosi increase prices?

We have not increased prices by over a year as we avoid doing it if we can, but with COVID-19, we were affected from all sides and the increase became unavoidable;

1. Working @ limited capacity due to lockdown means we take more time and resources to make less honey

2. All our input costs increased during lockdown; packaging material, printing, salaries with less sales etc.

3. Rural farmers augmenting our stock were affected by the same factors and increased their prices by almost 30%

4. Lastly; we are opening a store and have new expenses to consider that we didn’t have to consider before like rent and associated costs.

5. If we are to stay afloat, then this is completely unavoidable. We have however provides free shipping for all orders of R500 and above, and also provided the option to collect from the store as of 1 July 2020 when we open.

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