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Native NOSI

Native Nosi is a beekeeping company that specialises in the production of raw local honey. Founder, Mokgadi Mabela, is a third-generation beekeeper continuing the family legacy. Her grandfather was a crop and livestock farmer who had a few beehives on the farm.

“My father is a beekeeper and I used to sell some of his honey to people who wanted raw honey. And when I needed more volume, he suggested I get my own beehive. One beehive led to two which led to 360.”

The honey at Native Nosi is made from these beehives and the balance is sourced from rural farmers who produce raw quality honey but have no access to urban markets.

Native Nosi offtakes honey from these rural farmers and integrates it into its value chain for honey lovers all over to savor and enjoy. 


The name “Native Nosi” comprises of two words taken from the English & Basotho languages


NATIVE – Widely understood (formally & informally) as a term to refer to natural, indigenous, unaltered, or unadorned.

NOSI – A term from the Basotho people of South Africa meaning “Honey Bee”. 

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Seeing that Native Nosi seeks to produce and sell honey & byproducts that are organic & indigenous, the name is best fit to describe & complement the legacy my father built & I plan to continue.

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NATIVE NOSI – Pure | Raw | Indigenous | Authentic